Multiplatform    XTRA! ESO Midyear Mayhem PVP Event
DVD Movies    Sock It (ALL) To Me!
Multiplatform    Battle Princess Madelyn First Look
Generic    Westworld Avalaible Now
Multiplatform    Destiny: Rise of Iron - The Dawning
Novel    It's the End of the World As ...
Multiplatform    The Solus Project Early Access


Windows    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of ...
Microsoft Xbox One    ARK: Survival Evolved
Nintendo Switch    Namco Museum
Novel    Lost Boy: The True Story of ... (Novel)
Sony PlayStation4    Nioh: Defiant Honor
Windows    Fate/EXTELLA
Microsoft Xbox One    What Remains of Edith Finch
Novel    A Minor Fall (Novel)
Android    Galaxy of Pen and Paper

DVD Movies    Lucifer: The Complete Second Season (DVD)
Blu-ray Movie    Murdoch Mysteries: Season 10 (Blu-ray)
DVD Movies    Psychoanalysis (DVD)
DVD Movies    Dominion Creek: Series 2 (DVD)
DVD Movies    1944 (DVD)
DVD Movies    The Carol Burnett Show: The Best ... (DVD)
DVD Movies    Riverdale: The Complete First ... (DVD)

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